Surabaya Go Skateboarding Day 2016

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ESS Skateboards Supply and Surabaya Skateboarders present Ramadhan Go Skateboarding Day 2016.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016. Start from 3 PM till END at Monkasel SkatePark or Ketabang SkatePark.
No Work, No School, No Commitment, Just Skate.
High Ollie, Long Ollie, Best Trick, Most Shove It, Sticker Slap, Best Costume, Skate Race, Fun Games.
Get Voucher Rp500.000,- for Best Costume!!!

Supported by: Vans Off The Wall, Puppets Skateboard, Holy Skateboard, Woyoo Wheels Co., Noon BoardShop, Zealot Skateboards, ESS Skateboards Supply, Motion Skateboards, Dagger GripTape, SecondPly, Big Trucks, Vells, At Least I Try To Skate.

surabaya go skateboarding day 2016

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